The newest member of the family

We spent the weekend driving down to southern VA and back to pick up the newest member of our family.  I introduce to you Saras Himalaya Apollo.

Thats my husband holding him, and yes the puppy is that big.  He was 10 weeks old on Saturday and he weighed in at 24 pounds.

(yes I know its a pink leash, I needed a lightweight leash that he could use short term, it was what they had.  He’s going to need a heavier leash very quickly.)

We spend the night at Suzie’s (the breeder) place, got to meet her dogs, including her elderly “puppies” one of which is a female who’s 15yrs old and still going strong. 

Here’s a picture of Queenie, the dam of our puppy:

For reference, my husband is 6’1″ barefoot, in the workboots he was wearing he’s over 6’2″.  She’s not the biggest Tibetan Mastiff by any rate, but she’s still not small! 

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