Two links for the morning

Might be more later, depends on the day….

Florida cops decide all customers of a hydroponics shop must be growing pot.  Which is kinda scary for me personally, see, alot of hydroponics equipment is usefull for fish tending, and I used to breed fish, and I used to buy some supplies at the local hydroponics shops, and since I had a ton of tanks going my electric bill was through the roof…..I guess I should be glad I never had cops knocking on my door!

Burning the deceased will produce power.  Great concept, I love the idea of getting something besides ashes out of cremation…..but wasn’t there an old sci-fi novel where a small group of humans discovered the downside to relying on that as a power source?  As in, there’s not enough dead to burn so we’ll make some?  It was powering a spaceship…..I can’t recall who wrote it, but I read it as a teenager and the book was from my dad’s collection and was kinda beat then…..