Rural firefighting.

Google’s April Fools wasn’t funny this year.

What really goes on behind the scenes in all those professional kitchens!

The newest canine flu is now feline transmissible.

Relying on GPS is killing our ability to navigate.

PETA gets upstaged.  (Possibly NSFW)

The indestructible airman.

SCOTUS 6th amendment win.

Mysterious bacteria killing people in Wisconsin.

Elderly woman trips, is strangled to death by her medical alert necklace.

One of those skills that is likely about to be lost forever.

AMA wants to ban drug and medical device advertising.  Now if they’d just ban the “you can sue!!!” ones too!

I want to put a tracker on him so that I can stay far away…..

Prairie dogs are not as cute and cuddly as you thought.

How to scare the living daylights out of three towns.

Rhode Island wants to make it illegal to have latch key kids.

A look at the data of police shootings.

A look at why Trump is so popular.  Spoiler, it doesn’t actually have to do with racial prejudice.

Ever finished a book and wished you could find out what else people read thats similar?  This link is for you.  Type in an author’s name, and look at what else people like to read who read the same author.